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Online Poker Software

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The fastest growing online poker site by Cybergaming is designed to provide a world-class, exclusive Multi-player Online Poker Platform, where users globally can connect to robust and scalable poker game servers using a sophisticated and feature-rich poker client.

    The entire online poker software suite contains multiple poker variations including Omaha, Texas Holdem and 7 card stud and has industry leading features including:

    High availability through redundancies and backup for every poker software sub system.
    The Gaming API's are abstracted for Lowest Common Features at each level of the online poker software.
    The gaming platform can handle a full suite of poker products, casinos, bingo and Sports MMOG. All the necessary information about the software is provided here on our site

    Ability to dynamically scale up the online poker software as well as the configuration allowing your poker software to grow with increasing number of poker players. You can play online poker for real money with our poker software; we offer free rolls and conduct weekend poker tournaments

    High speed game play and ability to host simultaneous multiple games providing a great end user play experience.

    Each poker software build is preceded by rigorous regression testing which tests around 600 different conditions allowing your players to play online poker in absolute safety. The game rules have been tested and verified for more than 4 years as of date.
    Advance Fraud and collusion detection algorithms are integrated within the online poker software.

    Secure game play environment through SSL, secure payments and random number generators. We take the security of your players very seriously.

Here´s a brief Poker Software technical overview.

Casino Software

Casino Slots SoftwareBest Online CasinoCustom Casino Software

If providing your players with a good online casino experience is what your online gaming business needs, you need the best casino software there is. That's where we come in, because our casino software is, to put it without stretching the point too far, exactly what you want. Read on to find just why that claim is no empty boast.

Casino Software for the Living Room

Putting Vegas on a monitor screen; that's what we do, and with all the bells and whistles too! You already know that what your customers crave is an online casino experience that gets as close to good, clean real life casino funandlearning that they can get without the hassle and expense of actually travelling to Las Vegas or any live casino venue. Picture this: realistic graphics, ambient casino sounds and true-to-life game play - this combination is only half the story. The other half is about quite a lot of serious brainstorming by our product and marketing teams to work out just what would go into providing your players the actual freedom of a realistic casino experience playing online.

We asked ourselves what it would take for our casino software to really stand out in a market that's flooded with similar products. The answer is known to anybody who's ever tried to create software that seeks to replicate a real-life experience. HONESTY! So we have Cybergaming's casino software offering a system that combines sophisticated functionality with genre-redefining user-friendliness. Our rigorously tested casino software provides a smooth, bug-free performance that combines with a delightful set of features to deliver the online casino experience that your players would appreciate.

Casino Software: A Plethora of Games and Variations

We pride ourselves in providing one of the largest numbers of online casino games that you will ever find in online casino software. With 70 plus games and counting, the Cybergaming casino software incorporates all the categories of casino games including card games, video poker, casino slots, roulette and lottery games. Our casino software includes multiple variations of popular casino games; roulette for instance, is available in multiple flavours such European Roulette, American Roulette, Global Roulette 45 and Global Roulette 60. From the iconic roulette games, to blackjack and baccarat to the evergreen slot machines and video poker games that are sure-shot money spinners for your online casino business, our casino software runs the entire gamut of prevalent casino games.

Customization is the name of the Game

Anybody who subscribes to the 'one size fits all' philosophy knows precious little about writing online casino software. We understand the fact that no two online casino businesses would have the same requirements and hence, the software suite we provide you with would be tailor-made as per what you and your players want. While that sounds good, we've merely scratched the surface so far. Our promise of providing customized casino software goes much deeper. If need be, we can develop localized versions of the software with multi-lingual capabilities and multiple currency options, just as you desire it. For the purpose of managing online monetary transactions, we have tie-ups with some of the most widely used payment processing systems such as Moneybookers, Neteller, PayPal and many others. If you so desire, however, we are also open to integrating the payment processing system of your choice for your online casino business.

Online Casino Marketing Support

Cybergaming's casino software is optimized to engage your players by offering them multiple casino bonus codes, no-deposit casino bonus offers, customized jackpots and free spins, all of which can be customized by you on-the-fly through the custom online casino back office. These online casino promotions, combined with progressive jackpots, are sure to be an immense boost to your online marketing efforts.

If you're interested in obtaining more information on casino software licensing details, available turnkey packages, and pricing, click here to request more information about Cybergaming casino software.