While others just claimed they had it, we actually developed it!

"There's no online badugi software worth its salt in the market today," when our friendly neighborhood poker pro mentioned this to us, we went ahead and built it. Simple as that. Difficult to conceive, it proved a challenge, and we incorporated it into our suite of games, as an advantageous free-bie. You could be among the first to possess it.

The excitement continues!

Badugi - All you need to know about.

The most beautiful, most strategic, most subtle. This game that stands above all others, the king of games. A game which teaches as much as it entertains, its enthusiasts have often compared it to life itself.

But, how do you play the game of Badugi?

In Badugi, players receive four down cards (hole cards), after which there is a round of betting. There will be a total of three drawing round in which there will be a round of betting after each one. Where player's discard to improve their hands. The object is simple, make the smallest hand by having a hand with every different suite and no pairs. The best possible hand being A-2-3-4 having one club, diamond, heart and spade.

Badugi - Strategy and tips of the game Badugi.

These are a few quick tips to help you out.

1. Mix it up! Learn how other players react to individual styles of play. Then you will learn to react when you change from passive to aggressive.

2. Play! The occasionally repetitive process of playing the same game can lead to boredom, but it helps you build on the cognitive skills you need to be a better player.

3. Keep reading up on Badugi! Become familiar with as much material as you can. This will not only help you understand Badugi from your perspective, but it will help you to understand why other players play the way they do.