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Gaming and Poker Software Affiliate Partnership

Be a part of something new and unique! There are many products out there to market as affiliates. Most prices range in tens of dollars to hundreds and you get a small cut in that. But Cybergaming Ltd. will, if you draw on it right, make you tens of thousands of bucks, hundreds of thousands; more, even: For a lifetime.

Register now and start earning money through marketing Cybergaming products. You can earn anywhere from 15% to 30% of net sales that you make. You can market our casino and poker software offline or you can avail of our various online offers. Here are two of our offers:

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For more customised affiliate solutions follow these easy steps:

• Mail us for the Affiliate Agreement
• Complete the Affiliate Sign Up Form
• Confirm your id and email address
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Remember, this income from our partnership, is for the LIFETIME of the customer you bring in. So, position yourself for the win!

Check out the Cybergaming product portfolio.

Click on Affiliate Query, if you have any inquiries, and let our gaming business development team get in touch with you right away.