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"Delivering what's promised."

"Ahead of time, under the budget."

Easy words. It IS what our work philosophy is founded on. It's easy for us, because we're in love with what we do. And we write CODE! That's what we do.

Well, we also design graphics, we put in pixels what your neurons conceive. You dream, we make it reality. And well, we also show you how to sell it.

Taking something from scratch and building it into something remarkable and unique is the greatest high we can reach. One cannot get that way without passion, and we have dollops of that. Makes us the best in what we do. We build GAMES. We create FUN!

- As part of our services, we provide project management, design, application development, testing, systems integration, networking services, business process improvement, training and maintenance of gaming systems.
The comprehensive, productive big bang for your buck.

- Our team is from all walks of life and with years of hands-on experience. We have a pool of talent in programming and everything else associated with gaming and entertainment.
We play hard.

- Our team develops software that are fully compatible and can be freely incorporated as stand-alone applications. We customize too.
The power to choose is obvious.

- A good fifty percent of our developers are engaged in cutting edge research and development of current and future gaming technologies. This is our thought factory where all our ideas are broken down to pieces and put together whole again.
We practice what we preach.