Cybergaming is founded by software professionals and gaming enthusiasts who are very comfortable with doing world-class development around the globe. Above all, we value the quality of our work . The technical and business challenges surrounding it are our primary driving force. If you are smart, adventurous and have a passion for solving problems.

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There are challenges and we are looking only for the best who have passion for working. Given the cutting edge technologies we are working with and the kind of demand which is there for such products we can offer some of the best salaries in the industry. We are currently looking for:

1. Client side programmers with Gaming experience, preferably specializing in VC++
2. Marketing and Sales Managers

Cybergaming is a gaming products company based out of Hong Kong. The company has developed several gaming products which have a ready worldwide market. At our R & D facility we spend thousands of man hours creating gaming technology for the future focusing on user experience, ease of use, scalability and fault tolerance.

At our development centre you will be working with global teams spanning multiple locations. We are coming up with variations and cutting edge tech in MMOG & MMORPG for several markets which is the first of its kind. And then, there is VR - we'd like to be very tight-lipped about that.