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Cybergaming and Its Investors Set To Revolutionize The Gaming World

Date: January 05, 2010

With cyberspace and online casinos paying market investors massive profits it’s not surprising to see Cybergaming Holdings International Ltd widely talked about as they make preparation to release revolutionary 3D online casino gaming software. Cybergaming’s CEO Aniket Warty has worked with his carefully selected global team and partners to develop the software which is nothing like anything seen before in the online gaming industry. The poker software alone includes 13 poker variations making it the first poker suite of its kind. A spokesperson from Cybergaming stated, “The Gaming System provides cool 3D graphics for realistic animation and game play and hundreds of thousands of avatars - in fact, your customers get to CREATE their own 3D avatar!”.

Cybergaming isn’t just the run of the mill software development company and their own business website shows their software demos right from the conception stage, like very few gaming software websites showing exactly what they offer; no beating around the bush here! Cybergaming states they "Deliver what's promised, ahead of time, under the budget".

It is the perfect time to get into the online gaming industry now; as Cybergaming's CEO Aniket Warty states: “This Boat Never Sinks!”

You ask how this could be possible…

VP Angelina Wang says: “Well, there are two main barriers to entry here – technology and money. You can solve the tech problem by marrying someone like us, but how are you going to solve the money issue – the marketing spend? You do need money to market your card room. And I mean real money, not get a ready-made player base from somewhere or an email database; that simply doesn’t work.

The marketing required for assured success in this industry involves hundreds of thousands and even more. This is a necessary requisite as you can see there have been several poker rooms launched so far but a limited few which have achieved success.

If you have the kind of money we’re talking about, we’re the best option out there. You can otherwise opt to go to some other folks out there claiming to ‘sell’ poker and casino software. You’ll of course get what you will pay for – outdated java client poker software that cannot accommodate more than 600 players.”

There have been some lucky investors that have jumped on board in 2009 prior to this stage of implementation of the product but there is definitely still room for more in the 18 billion dollar-a-year (and rising) industry.

A poker software demo and full information on Cybergamings’ gaming portfolio, technology, security and the like can be found at www.onecybertech.com .

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