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The Alderney Gambling Commission (AGC) was setup in 2005 and provides a free market approach towards e-gambling. AGC gambling licensees are allowed to accept bets from players in all countries barring Alderney, including the United States as part of the AGC online gaming and gambling licensing.

AGC provides a comprehensive e-gambling license covering multiple gaming types; casino, poker, sportsbook, or lottery. The new e-gambling licensing structure of AGC distinguishes between business-to-customer operators and business-to-business operators. The annual fee for applying a gambling license under its jurisdiction is £70,000. The applicant must pay the cost of all investigations required for the issuance of a license, and a deposit of £10,000 is required at the time of application. The Software Supplier Certificate license fee is £10,000 per annum. There is no VAT or other sales tax applicable on Alderney.