Management Tools


Gaming Management Tools

Our online gaming solutions are backed by highly developed gaming management tools. The gaming back-office is an easy to use yet robust management tool available via an encrypted web-zone that provides for extensive management options for your online casino, online poker and sportsbook. The gaming management tools include dashboards which provide up to date information. This information allows you to take both business and operational decisions quickly.

Player management tools

The Cybergaming back office provides a number of player management tools including the option of generating and creating new players, having the current or existing players locked or unlocked, screening detailed player information data such payments and bets placed by a player, games played, overall balance and profit, planned events and requests for support. The player management tools are integrated with the complete gaming backoffice making managing players easy and quick.

Affiliate management tools

The Cybergaming gaming platform has integrated affiliate management software which provides for efficient management of affiliates. With multiple tier support, the affiliate management tools allow you to manage your affiliates effectively. What's more, the system is built on the basis of role access, thus permitting each agent with viewing and managing their affiliate-related fields beginning with their agent rank only.

Website Management tools

Managing web-site structure and site localization is a breeze. The Cybergaming content and marketing team utilizes top of the line content management systems such as Joomla and Drupal to manage websites. The content and various attributes of web-site pages can be easily managed by the tools offered within the site structure. The in-built text and image-editing functionality makes the system effortless to operate.

Bonus and Promotions management tools

As we all know, the most efficient tools used to build player loyalty and retention are promotions and bonuses. The Bonuses management system integrated into the Cybergaming gaming platform is explicitly developed to setup bonuses for a variety of actions. Additionally, the admin component allows you to include new bonuses that can apply to casino or poker games only as well as create admin bonuses issued at the discretion of the administrator to a particular player.

Gaming revenue management tools

The payments section is designed to give you comprehensive information in terms of financial transactions, including deposits, payouts, chargeback, bonuses, gifts, monthly bonuses, user bets and wins. The accessible data displays the participants in transactions, the ensuing changes in the balance and the relevant comments.