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Technical Overview of Poker Software

This is a brief, technical overview of the Online poker platform developed and provided by the Cybergaming Gaming Team. The aim of this overview is to provide a technical summary for potential licensees to be familiar with our poker client and back office software and wants some more technical information about the technology under the hood for product evaluation purposes.

Client software


Cybergaming offers two version of its Poker Software. A downloadable version and an instant play flash poker software version. The Cybergaming downloadable poker client software (hereinafter the “client”) is a downloadable Windows program compatible with all versions of Windows from XP and onwards.

The client is written in C++ for size and performance and utilizes Microsoft's DirectX API for hardware accelerated high performance graphics. The client includes a custom built poker engine and GUI-engine (graphical user interface) which guarantees a high level of customization when it comes to look and feel. All in all the client software consists of roughly half a million lines of code.

Update Manager

A custom made update manager, called the bootstrap, guarantees that the client software always is up-to-date and downloads only files that needs to be updated from one of several redundant download locations. The bootstrap also verifies the integrity of the files and makes sure that any corrupt or missing file is reinstalled.

Logging and bug reporting

The client software continuously logs all activity (network activity, user activities, internal states etc) on to the client computer’s hard drive and keeps these log files for seven days. In case of technical problems or disputes these logs complement the logs kept by the server and can provide detailed information to help resolve the issues if sent in by the player. These logs do not contain sensitive information such as the player’s password and are stored in an encrypted format for added security.

The client also has a built in crash-handler which, in the unlikely event of the client crashing, creates a report that is sent back to Cybergaming Network technicians. The report contains detailed technical information related to the crash which will help in tracking down and correct any technical issues that might appear.

Since these reports are sent automatically without any user interaction they provide a precise and accurate statement of the exact number and nature of client crashes that has occurred on a day to day basis, allowing our technicians to quickly address any new issues and keep the client software robust and stable.

The crash reports do not contain any personal data about the player or any other information that would compromise their privacy.

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