Robust Poker Servers


Robust Poker Servers

DDoS protection

The poker servers are protected from DDoS attacks through a number of specially prepared proxy servers that forwards the traffic between game server and client. That way, the real servers IP-address and location is never revealed to the player. Any number of proxy servers can be placed in various locations and share the load of a DDoS attack, only forwarding genuine traffic to the real servers.

The poker client software understands this proxy setup and can intelligently switch between proxy servers depending on load and latency, often without interrupting the game or the player even noticing.

The number of proxy servers and their location determines the strength of the DDoS attack that can be handled. New proxies can be configured and setup with short notice.

Transaction-based bank system

A transaction-based “bank system” is used for all handling of currencies within the gaming system. The bank system is built on top of the database using stored procedures to guarantee foolproof and fully traceable handling of all assets.

All assets are kept in accounts which can only be modified by atomic transactions from one account to another. The transactions themselves are fully documented and are logged and stored indefinitely, making it possible to trace the movement of every penny within the system years later. Transactions are always handled and saved in real-time and therefore guarantees correct amounts on each account even if a server crash or other catastrophic accident would happen.

The bank system also supports credits, credit limits and reservation of funds on each separate account.

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