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Sports betting is one of the simplest and quickest—not to mention exciting—ways to make money online. Players may lack the patience for poker or the sheer pluck to take a chance at casino games, but just about everyone love sports and if there’s a game going on involving their favorite sports, would love a piece of the action. Betting enthusiasts come with varying appetites and motivations. The good news is that no matter what the motivation, there are plenty of online sports betting options out there. Which is also why you need to get in on the action, and what better way than go for our sports betting software that merges seamlessly with your online poker or casino site?

Why Online Sports Betting?

Why not? Why would a betting enthusiast not want to get away from the hassle of commuting to (or calling up) the nearest bookie’s? Brick and mortar bookmaking establishments are crowded and busy, with calls seldom getting through while physically being there is too much of a chore. Why wouldn’t a person want to avoid entering a crowded public place where they don’t know when they will be served? Why would anyone want to leave the comfort of their own dwellings simply to place a bet when the same is just a few mouse-clicks away?

Why would you not want to get in on this excellent business opportunity, knowing that this enormous demand is out there, waiting to be fed? And that too when Cybergaming’s online sports betting software can be on your side, virtually guaranteeing success all the way.

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Cybergaming Online Sportsbook Software

Cybergaming's Online Sportsbook Software, allows you to launch your own online sportsbook and join in on the online sports betting action. With real time odds and customizability, our online sportsbook software works to getting you a real money maker solution. With our State of the Art online sports betting software, you will be ready to receive a steady stream of bettors generating revenues and increasing your bettor base. We offer you the ability to link your choice of sports feeds to our software thereby ensuring that no matter which part of the world you target, when it comes to Cybergaming's Sportsbook Software, your players get the largest number os lines, events and spread of gaming odds to try their luck on.

Why Choose Cybergaming’s Sportsbook Software

Simply put, we provide you a complete package to help your online sportsbook business succeed. We’re not content with merely providing you the best sportsbook experience, which is why we provide you complete marketing, hosting and CRM support just as we do for our other online gaming opportunities. But let’s begin at the beginning.

No one comes close to offering the amount of unique prop betting and future-wagering opportunities that Cybergaming’s sports betting software has to offer. So whether it’s March Madness or the Super Bowl, the World Series, cricket tests or one-day match series or the World Cup Cricket Championship or the T-20 cricket championship, the Kentucky Derby or the Belmont Stakes, our sports betting software would give your players the most competitive odds.

We can give you plenty of reasons to choose us. Can you think of any not to?

Cybergaming is an online gaming software company offering optimal online gambling solutions from development through to delivery and maintenance. We have 5 YEARS of industry experience, 80 + clientele, 200 + employee strength, corporate offices all over the world in countries like India , China , Russia Sweden , Italy and USA. We’re young, multi-cultural and have a truly global perspective on business; something you can benefit immensely from.

We offer a turnkey sports book solution that can be seamlessly integrated with any gaming portal. The main advantage of our sport book solution is the simple functionality and ease of handling which provides for extended scalability, multi-functionality and reliability. Cybergaming’s sports book solution offers additional customization opportunities .

Our sports book solution is a client-server application with a distributed architecture which allows for processing large amount of data while the entire system remains fully accessible. Our distributed system design ensures quick response while simultaneous processes are running. As a result with minimized database server requirements the system remains fully responsive and ensures smooth performance, high speed of operation and bets processing. We deliver a sportsbook software solution that is able to diversify and enhance the performance of any gaming website or become the solid foundation for a new online gambling business start-up.

Sportsbook Overview

Cybergaming offers a comprehensive solution with pre-live and live-betting features. events. This cost-effective solution contributes to extending the possibilities of your gaming business by providing players with diverse gaming experience, increasing player appeal, in
turn resulting in an increased return on investment. Betting odds are received and you decide what spread you want added to the odds presented on your sportsbook feed.

Our sportsbook offers global sports coverage with a possibility of adding sports, leagues and special events of your choice. Ultimate marketing tool producing the best odds on the market attracting a wealth of new players. Cybergaming’s sportsbook solution is unique in its kind with a vast betting variety containing over 4,000 daily sport bets and a betting exchange.

Product Overview

Our sportsbook software solution offers the following features:

  • Worldwide sports events coverage - Our online spotsbook covers every event on the global sporting calendar.
  • Multiple selection for sport events- You can bet on as many sports events as you like.
  • Multiple sport & league selection - You can select a desired sports and the league to bet on a particular match from across several continents.
  • One-click navigation through betting options - Betting with our sportsbook is clear and easy to make it possible for you to place your bet in a single click.
  • Multilingual support- Helps players from different continents to place bets and communicate with our team.
  • Dedicated betting slip - The core component of a sportsbook is its betting slip and we have a dedicated betting slip for every event.
  • Very competitive odds - All major leagues come with 1.5% margin as default, margins can be increased as per customer preference. All increases in margin will generate risk free return to the Operator.
  • Event outcome management - We have an option to manually update scores and event results.
  • Fraud & Risk management - As the system works on real time wagering, suspicious activity can be tracked & spotted by the admin.
  • Multiple sport & league selection - You can select a desired sports and the league to bet on a particular match from across several continents.
  • Detailed Reports - Comprehensive stats and precise reports allow you to check relevant data to filter out the most important metrics.
  • Multilingual localization - Helps customers to operate the back office within several countries.

Product Overview

Sportsbook Website

The sportsbook website is integrated with Cybergaming’s online gaming software, and provides the user-interface by which end users interact with your online business.

    The sportsbook website enables access to the following services:

  • User account registration
  • Placing bets on sports
  • Account History
  • News, information and scores
  • Cashier options

Sportsbook Server

    Features of our server used for sportsbook include:

  • Completely redundant on the logic level
  • Completely redundant on the physical level
  • High scalability
  • Validation of user information
  • Completely safe and stable
  • High reliability
  • High performance
  • Transaction management
  • Player database management
  • Bet management & processing

Admin Area

    The admin area is the back office management system that monitors and manages the entire process. It is a web-based console capable of doing the following:

  • Real-time bet management
  • Professional sports betting management
  • Accurate and automatic validation checks
  • Secure transactions and information processing
  • Increased control and efficient management
  • Player stat & report viewing
  • Customizable & extendible bet types
  • Minimize the possibility of making mistakes
  • Blocking & deleting user profiles

Sportsbook Installation Process

Appropriate hardware needs to be purchased before the installation process can commence. Cybergaming will require the admin access to the server . As soon as this is done with we will install our sportsbook software on the server. We also can provide detailed installation and integration instructions. Then we configure the system in line with your specific needs and infrastructure requirements.

Infrastructure and Requirements

  • Sufficient Power supply
  • Bandwidth of at least 4 MB/sec
  • Redundant internet connectivity.
  • Static IP addresses
  • Redundant power supply / failover in power
  • Protected building and security personal.
  • Staff who know what they do in the hosting facility

Sportsbook Operations Team Setup

Sport Events Management Group

  • Group manages sport events and odds
  • Adding events descriptions, adding and modifying odds depending on the market, bets liability, news, disabling events, inserting results and settle bets.

Live Events Management

  • Independent group for live events.
  • An operator or two per match should take care to insert events description, odds, following match events, while watching television.
  • This role is important and should be ready to disable markets and change odds, thus preventing players’ scams.
  • Risk management function - accepting or refusing dangerous bets.

Risk Management

  • Controls Liabilities
  • Scam check ion all bets
  • Odds and bets management
  • Player profiling and analytics