Aces Or Faces


Aces Or Faces

The purpose of Three Card Poker Aces or Faces is to get a higher poker hand than the dealer. The player and the dealer are both dealt 3 cards.

Aces or Faces

There are 4 different types of bets that can be placed either separately or in combination: Pair Plus, Ante/Play, Lucky Faces Party, and Lucky Aces Party.

Click on the chip stack located in the bottom right corner of the screen to select the desired bet amount. Click the bet areas for the types of bets you want to play. Each of these bets have their respective Min and Max bet amounts which can be found in the Table Limits card on the table of Aces or Faces. Your bets in Aces or faces Card game must be within the Min/Max range. Click on the Deal button to have the cards dealt in aces or Faces.

The objective of the Ante bet is to achieve a higher hand than the dealer. Dealer needs greater than or equal to a Queen-high hand to qualify in this card game. You receive 3 cards face up, the dealer gets 3 cards face down. After viewing your cards, you have the option of folding (select Fold) or playing (select Play).If you select Fold, your hand is ended and your ante bet is lost. If you select Play in Aces or Faces, an amount equal to your Ante bet is placed on the Play bet and the dealer's cards are revealed.