Megabet Poker


Megabet Poker

In Megabet Poker the purpose is to foresee which player with the higher poker ranking and/or texas hold'em poker combination will be the winning one.

The player can place one or more bets on one or more players and/or one or more combination till the maximum limit fixed for that table is attained.

Megabet Poker

In Megabet Poker player is not obliged at any stage of the game to make a bet

Init(bets placed before that first two cards are dealt to the players),

Preflop (bets placed before first three community cards are dealt on the middle of the table),

Flop (bets placed before the fourth card is dealt),

Turn (bets placed before the fifth card is dealt).

The player can place four different types of bets at any of Megabet Poker’s four betting stages (init, preflop, flop, turn) on as many seat positions as he wishes. To place bets on a winning combination and/or on the color of the fouth card (Turn) and/or on the suit of the fifth card (River), click on the list of the bets displayed in the table on the right part of the screen

To place bets on one or more seats, click on the amount displayed on the seat of each player.The game will start when the player clicks on the "Deal" button.

Cards are dealt firstly to the seat with the "D" symbol meaning dealer button.

Once the final result is known, the winning hand will be highlighted.

In Megabet Poker if a specific player or a specific hand result no longer has the possibility to win, the payout displayed on the seat of the player or beside the bet type will be automatically set to zero and no further bets can be placed.