American Roulette


American Roulette

In American Roulette, the player tries to predict which number on the wheel the ball will land on. American wheel has both, a single zero and a double zero.

The layout consists of the Roulette Wheel, Table, Special Bets panel, Special Bets area and Player Info area.

American Roulette

The Roulette Wheel is marked with numbers 1 through 36, plus 0 and 00. The numbers are alternately coloured red and black, and the 0 and 00 are green.

The Table is divided into 2 different betting sections - inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets are made in the individual numbers area. Outside Bets are the bet spaces outside of the individual numbers area. See "Types of Bets" for more detail on the individual Inside and Outside bets that can be made.

The Special Bets panel and the Express Bets area to the right of the standard betting table allow you to place popular bets on various groups of numbers.

The Player Info areas show your Balance, Total Bet (per spin), Result (per spin) and Last 15 Results list.

Click on the chip stack located in the lower left hand corner of the game screen to select the desired bet amount. The total amount bet must be greater than or equal to the minimum bet requirement posted on the table. Once you have set your bet amount, click the area(s) of the table where you would like to place bet(s). The appropriate chips will appear on the table. To remove your bet(s) use the Undo button. The chips will disappear from the table one by one in the order that you placed them. Click the Repeat Bets button to repeat all of your table bets from the previous spin. Once you have placed your bet(s), click the Spin, or Quick Spin button. When the ball has stopped in a slot its number on the table will be lit up and a panel will show a close up of the wheel where the ball landed. Any winnings or losses are displayed in the player information panel at the bottom of the game panel. If you win, your balance increases. Losses are subtracted from your balance.