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Global Roulette 60

Global Roulette 60 is the same Roulette but a bit spiced up when it comes to the number of spins per hour.In Global Roulette, the player tries to predict which number on the wheel the ball will land on. The message area located in the bottom game console and the dealer audio will assist you while the game is in progress.

Dragging the mouse over different spots on the table will light up the squares that will be included if you place a bet on that spot. For example, if you mouse over the middle of number 19, that number will light up, if you mouse over the line between 19 and 20, both squares light up because placing a chip on the line will cover both squares as a "split" bet.

The player control area includes Confirm, Clear Bets, Back, New Game and Repeat Bets buttons which appear whenever they can be used, a chip stack to select bet amounts, and the betting areas on the Global Roulette 60 table.

For convenience, the value of the last chip clicked on the chip stack is held in memory and can be repeated without returning to the chip stack. Simply click on the desired bet spot to place the chip. Each click on the same bet spot will increase your bet by 1 chip. Details on table limits and payouts can be viewed by mousing over the Table Limits card on the Global Roulette 60 table.