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Gaming Operations Support

At Cybergaming, our operations support services are centered on our basic business philosophy: to begin with, our overriding belief that our equation with clients goes beyond a mere buyer-vendor relationship. Therefore, our completely customizable gaming software comes as a part of our all-inclusive operations support package that includes software design and development, software systems maintenance and 24/7 support.
Our dedicated team, comprising of seasoned gaming specialists, software troubleshooting experts and operations support professionals, works tirelessly to ensure that your business operations run smoothly.
As such, while our team is always on the lookout for potential problems and ways to preempt them, we’re always at hand to take care of any unforeseen contingency that arises in the course of your gaming business operations.
The services that comprise our operations support bouquet are as follows:

Gaming Operations Support - Risk Management

A basic fact of business activity is that while there are good opportunities of achieving sustainable profit, there is a degree of risk involved that goes with the territory. That is why we provide a highly detailed evaluation of your gaming concern as part of our operations support services, using your business model and parameters exclusive to it in order to develop a risk profile and forecast report. Your business model may then be tweaked to bring the risks into an acceptable range.
That is merely at the beginning; the scope of our operations support team’s risk management services envelop all future business activity; after all, it is a given that accurate risk analysis is fundamental to your online gaming concern eventually ranking among the best in the business.
Apart from forecasting and analysis, the risk management function also plays a more hands-on role by devising solutions to prevent fraudulent activities, unacceptable player behavior, and attempts to access player services without valid authorization. We have in place a state-of-the-art system in place that uses machine-tracking techniques as well as active monitoring to spot and flag suspicious activity. This is supplemented by our team of investigators who have varied experience in probing cybercrime issues such as credit card fraud, identity theft, hacked accounts etc.
Another aspect of risk management serviced by our operations support team is reputation management. An important aspect of the gaming industry that can potentially heighten reputation specific risk is one that has socio-legal implications: addiction to gambling, more specifically the perils of involving compulsive gamblers in betting or online gaming activity. Our operations support team’s risk management specialists can help you frame a responsible gaming policy, as well as help set up a system for detecting and curbing such gambling activity.

Customer Operations Support

Cybergaming’s operations support team employs highly specialized customer support professionals in order to provide your players constant access to real-time support, integrated right into your gaming website and software.

Trained customer support staff for all your gaming operations support needs

These specially trained customer care executives help establish a level of trust and confidence with your customers, new and old alike. Good support is not only essential to the short term business objective of solving player problems satisfactorily,  but also works on a long-term level by effectively curbing player attrition which can otherwise result from a lack of good help.
Efficient customer support is at the core of Cybergaming’s operations support function, as well as our central philosophy of giving prime importance to customer needs. Our instant customer support services can assist you with issues that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Software technical glitches,
  • Non-functionality of web-site,
  • Payment processing,
  • Player account access conflicts,
  • Queries/ issues regarding bonuses and promotions,
  • Issues relating to miscellaneous operations that players may face.

Investing time and effort in customer loyalty can be extremely rewarding in the online gaming business, helping you build a stable and steadily growing client base. Our operations support team will play an invaluable role in this aspect of your business.

Payment Processing

Many online gaming businesses have failed to build a sizeable following among players because of unsuitable or incompetent payment processing capabilities. A processing system that ensures ease of depositing and withdrawing funds is as much an important part of your online gaming business as the software itself. It should come as no surprise then that payment processing is a very important part of our operations support services that we offer to our clients. The system is highly flexible to personal and geographical preferences of players, making for a high degree of player-specific customization by offering a range of payment processing options that include some of the world’s leading names in this field.
Another key aspect, more important than anything else for obvious reasons, is the safety of our payment systems. Our player personal data is encrypted and decrypted between servers using sophisticated software. At no point in time would Cybergaming divulge any personal information to any third party concern. 

Transaction Management

Transaction management is a very essential part of Cybergaming’s operation support services and encompasses services such as inbound/ outbound fund management, velocity control, transaction scrubs, etc. apart from monitoring transactions. 
It is important to monitor transactions not only for contingency related record-keeping but also in order to give you, the operator, a broad outlook as to which payment methods are more popular among users.
As part of our operations support services, we also provide a customized inventory of payout options to your players, using records of previously used transaction methods to guide us regarding player preferences. As the operator, you have the freedom to define specific payout options for different front ends. 
The transaction team works in close coordination with other components of the operations support department to ensure the validity of all transactions.