Platform server solutions



The best part of any poker software should be its variety and ability to be customizable as per customer requirements. Cybergaming offers its customers various solutions as per their requirements and budget.

The edge is due to having multiple platforms built according to the best standards in the industry. Our poker software is built on Altair Platform which supports both downloadable and non-downloadable poker version, and geared as per your specific needs.

Quality Poker Engine

Our Altair poker software platform is among the primary cutting edge technologies in the world. The game formats; game rules and the game structures are controlled and managed by advanced gaming applications which thus deliver an experience which is beyond most standards seen today.

With Altair, your players now have the power and the option to choose their characters in a virtual reality gaming world and play in an environment built specially for them to the finest level of detail.

Complete support system to implement multilingual capability exists so that you can now have your poker card room with the language of your choice!