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Poker Network

Cutting Costs

Most online poker card rooms don't stand alone. Most of them belong to a poker network of some kind. When an online poker site participates in a poker network it's called a "skin" or a “licensee” or a “white label” of that network.

Poker networks are large and small depending on the software and the time they have been operating. There are several advantages to both the “new poker site” and a player signing up on these sites of a partnership between an online poker site and an online poker or gaming site network.

To start with, huge amounts of time and money is spent in developing the cutting edge software required for poker and other gaming products – belonging to a stable poker network with great software enables the owners of individual poker sites (or anyone interested in making money partaking in the online gaming wave) use of the network’s fully developed, state-of-the-art, robust and scalable poker software applications, risk management systems, payment processors and marketing promotions. The players, too, benefit from the technology and security, thus maximizing their poker experience.

Player Liquidity

The greatest advantage to OUR customers, which is why we have kept it for the last, is: PLAYER LIQUIDITY. You will see in your lobby the total number of players on the ENTIRE network, which gives your own new players the confidence to register and play on your site, simply because you have player liquidity. NETWORK LIQUIDITY PAYS!

We would consider this as the best reason to play on a poker site belonging to a poker network – as also to run your own online gaming site through a network – because ACTION and COMPETITION are GUARANTEED! Tables on networks are always FULL, so one has a larger pool of players to draw from. This is an important advantage to new standalone poker sites that would have to put together a steady player base from nothing.