Omaha Hi/Lo


Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha Hi Lo is growing very fast in popularity, especially with the exposure of online poker. This entertaining poker variant is fast becoming a favorite amongst regular Omaha poker players, as well as Texas holdem players.

Omaha Hi-Lo Eight or Better - All you need to know about it.

Omaha High and Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better are closely related to Texas Hold' em. The main difference is that you are dealt four cards instead of two, and your five card hand must be formed by two cards from your hand and three community cards. Note that Omaha Hi Lo is played with an "8 or better" qualifier, which means that a hand must be at worst an 8 for low to be eligible to win the low portion of the pot. Low hands in Omaha HiLo are determined in exactly the same way they're determined in 7 Card Stud Hi Lo Strategies for winning differ significantly from Texas Hold'em

Omaha Hi-Lo Eight or Better strategy.

Omaha is often played high-low split. Players are dealt four down cards before the first round of betting. The player may use any combination of exactly two hole cards and three board cards for the high hand and another (or the same) combination of two hole cards and three board cards for the low hand. A Player may use the same card twice with one other card to make a high hand and another to make a low hand (ie. An Ace might play high with a 10-J-Q or K to make an Ace-high straight and then be used with a 2 thru 8 to make a low hand).

Rules for Playing Omaha Hi-Lo

1. All the rules of Omaha apply to Omaha high-low split except as below.

2. A qualifier of 8-or-better for low is used. This means to win the low half of the pot, a player's hand at the showdown must have five cards of different ranks that are an eight or lower in rank. (An ace is the highest card and also the lowest card.) If there is no qualifying hand for low, the best high hand wins the whole pot

Types of Omaha Hi Lo Games

Omaha Hi Lo can be played in the following formats:

Limit Omaha Hi Lo - Specific betting limit applied in each game and on each round of betting.

Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo - Bets are limited to the amount of chips in the pot.

No Limit Omaha Hi Lo - A player can bet all of the chips he has available.

Mixed Omaha Hi Lo - The game alternates between rounds of Limit and Pot Limit. Please note that the blinds are increased when the game switches from Pot Limit to Limit. This is to ensure that the stake levels are consistent.