Tournament Software

The Cybergaming Poker Tournament software enables the user to play a variety of poker tournaments. Poker tournaments provide you a way to complete with the best of online poker players as well as to socialize with the online poker community

Sit n Go’s

Sit and Go is a type of tournament. This means that there is a pre-selected amount of player spots available. Once enough people have registered to fill these spots, the tournament begins. Most often, a sit and go tournament is a single-table tournament. This means that once nine people register for the tournament, the tournament commences.


Satellites or qualifiers are poker tournaments in which the prize consists of entrance tickets to large poker tournaments. The most popular satellites or qualifying poker tournaments are for the major live poker tournament events.


A tournament in which cash or prizes are offered but there is no entry fee; a promotional tournament with no entry fee. Free rolls are a good way to learn more about poker, and even win something. Though they have no entry fee, free rolls may have special entrance restrictions, such as having earned a certain number of comp points, having signed up for a new site, or ladies only.


There's nothing worse than having an early exit from a tournament. But with our re-buy tournaments, the end isn't necessarily the end. Unless otherwise stated, you can re-buy at any time during the first three levels of the tournament. If you run out of chips completely, you can re-buy when the pop-up box appears. If, however, you fall below 50% of your initial chip stack and would like to re-buy, you can do so at any time during the re-buy period.


Unless otherwise stated, our re-buy tournaments also include an "add-on" option that allows you to buy additional chips at the end of the final re-buy round regardless of the number of chips that you may have.

Deep Stack

In a deep stack tournament, players start with more chips than the 1,500 one might expect from a low buy-in arrangement. Players usually start with at least 3,000 chips and maybe more. This allows players to feel they are getting more action for their money.

Short Stack

Every player starts with 800 chips as opposed to 1500 in the standard tournaments, so you might need to be a good bluffer to keep yourself in the game, especially when the bubble is about to burst.

Freeze Out

This is the most popular type of tournament. A tournament in which players start with a specified amount and then can buy no further chips; once they lose their chips, they are out, as opposed to a re-buy tournament. The tournament continues until one player has all the chips. As players are eliminated, they may receive prizes based on the order of their elimination.

Fast Freeze-Out

This kind of tournament is almost identical to the standard Freeze out; the only difference is you must be quicker: the blind levels increase quicker than the standard Freeze out tournament and you also have less time to act.