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Cybergaming software comes in download versions for all Windows versions, making it one of the best for players on every major computer platform. It offers easy-to-understand features, good functionality, is quite fast and offers great playability. Strong architecture, scalable and robust models, stability is a key feature.

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Features and Custom Options

Cybergaming software has an innovative and good-looking interface with colorful and attractive graphics. Functionality is intuitive and efficient for all the poker variations offered on the poker suite. Games offered include Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Omaha, 7-Card Stud Hi-Low and Seven-Card Stud. Ring games, heads-up tables, various sit-and-go's and multi-table tournaments are all available. The Casino suite is integrated with the same interface and offers blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, video poker and keno. Cybergaming is the first company in the world to offer a complete Badugi software. A variation of Texas Hold 'Em, Speed Hold em is available too.

A comprehensive solution to kill boredom!

Detailed hand history, auto-play for disconnected tournament players, several useful features already exist. The functionality also incorporates new features, like deal making and lobby and table auto-resize. You'll also find the usual tools including player notes, hand history, statistics and more. Another plus is players can enjoy not only poker games, but other games such as casino games, badugi, and gaming variations from the same lobby and player account. We can customize requirements based on the client's business strategy.

We can customize requirements based on the client's business strategy.

Unique Poker Room Graphics

Uncluttered! Is the word. We improvise and make uniquely designed poker rooms for different clients to fit their business theme and structure. The multiplayer experience is enhanced by crisp, clear graphics accompanied by sounds and music and we'll keep on updating and upgrading them. Our in-house team of top level graphic designers are well-versed with client requirements and the professionally engineered graphics will attract players and end-users for a unique visual experience.

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Back-Office Management System

Clients can manage their casino or/and poker site with great flexibility and ease using our simple and secured back-office management system. Instant view of all transactions, player information, statistics and reports are available with a few clicks and extensive reports are generated and displayed in seconds. The Risk Management module is integrated with the transaction management system, so as to provide a complete and comprehensive business process.

Monitoring and controlling fraud's now a cakewalk.

Online Security

Not merely the financial and personal privacy security options that a end user demands, but in this business security aspects like hacking are often overlooked till there is an emergency situation. Being a bunch of security-paranoid programmers, our first concern is to prevent any external or internal attacks to the system and the software, thus enabling us to build security technology among the best in the industry. Our poker room services are completely integrated which makes our client's gaming business experience flourish in a risk-free environment.

Supersnooper weeds out the risks.

Poker Web Site Design Service

The industry has reached a level where most poker rooms today look alike. Standing out, doing something different has become redundant, so creativity and innovation has gone out of the window. We bring it back to you. We understand that your principal theme is to entertain and create and build trust. Hence, making no compromise on quality and presentation, to make your business and portal look different and have your own trumpet to blow is our graphic team's favourite activity.

We'll make them come to you.