Risk Management


Investigations Team

Deposit and Payouts

Transaction Management

Deposit and payout management, velocity control, transaction scrubs are among the few tasks that our transactions team will carry out for you. The transaction management team will also be responsible for managing, collections and monitoring transactions.

Investigations Team for Poker (ITP)

Will design the entire process for ITP (Investigations Team for Poker). Responsibilities include:

link Document the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for identifying Transaction Pattern, Transaction Management, Reason Codes and Time Frames for verification and postponing cash outs and the Escalation Matrix.
link Verifying cash ins and cash outs in the redeem queue.
link Verifying game logs - identifying bonus abusers.
link Identifying accounts with suspicious playing patters and reporting them to the Investigations Manager and the RM team.
link Denying and postponing cash outs wherever applicable.
link Verify cash outs over $1000 as a part of ITC.
link Setting up and sending reports to the management with details of all the cash outs verified, postponed and denied.
link Train and transition the ITC program to the standards set by Investigations team and the RM team.
link Verify and monitor cash ins and cash outs for tournaments and other network promotional activities like bad beat jackpots, royal flush bonus, etc.

Deposit management:

Each time a customer successfully completes a deposit via the Cybergaming payment system, it automatically records the details of the payment method used and updates certain statistics regarding that payment method. This gives you the Merchant the opportunity to quickly review which payment methods are in use by any customer and how often they are used. You have backend access to your deposits as well as your payouts

Payout management:

Cybergaming provides a customized list of Payout Options to your customers, based on their prior transactions and recorded Payment Methods. We offer you the flexibility to set and define Payout Options for each of your Front Ends. The approval process has up to four levels of approval. They are shown as G R A M and stand for Gaming, Risk, Accounting and Manager approval. You can define the security access for each of these approval levels separately within Cybergaming security.

The Transaction Team handles deposit records and payout records and in collaboration with the customer service and risk management teams makes certain that each transaction is valid and proper.