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The Online poker and online casino business is the most talked about phenomena in Gambling/gaming today. 60% of the industry experts MECN surveyed believe that online poker and online casino will be the dominant offer in online gambling and live gambling as well, for the years to come.

As poker sites are sold for about USD 300 million and some reach an estimated pre-IPO evaluation of between USD 4 billion and USD 8 billion, online poker has become a business to watch.

We intend to take away all the pain factors that exist to make this a successful business venture for you, whichever way you choose to go with us: as a white label solution or as a standalone venture.

Key Differentiators

    • Complete Gaming platform
    • Internationalization Support
    • Multiple skins ability
    • Scalability, Robustness, Fault Tolerance
    • Regression and game rule test suite
    • Advance Fraud and collusion detection algorithms
    • Multiple Channels to deliver the game - Download, No Download and Mobile.
    • Customized payment processing Suite
    • Comprehensive Fraud Control Software
    • Affiliate Management System
    • Online Marketing Set up and support
Start a Gaming Business

There are probably several poker and casino software providers around as you and I both know, and we will not compete with exuberance or exaggeration. We do not want to.

The current "biggies" will give you everything you want for a fatter fee, yet there will be lack of CUSTOMIZATION and proper care that we can provide, and the small fish will give you very less to nothing, because they will quote less, and they have to cater to their own bread and butter.

So do us a favor... before you think about how much it's going to cost you, think about how much it's going to make you. This is a business decision... and business owners make decisions based not only on cost, but on potential income too.

How much would you honestly fork over for something that makes you almost 6 figures a month the first year itself with the correct monetary input, with no effort on your part as far as the product and services are concerned?

Think about it... what are your alternatives?

Most of the other serious software providers or networks out there are either insanely expensive, or charge a crazy monthly fee too...$15000 a month sometimes...which is $150000 plus for a year...$75000 up front plus, $15000 a month. Insane prices...

Well guess what...none of those things are going to make you a single buck in all probability. Cybergaming will, if you draw on it right. It will make you tens of thousands of bucks, hundreds of thousands...millions even...all you gotta do it play it right. Simple.

We've worked with scores of small, medium and large companies, including more than a handful multi-million dollar clients - and they've all needed something unique to their business environment. We've combined over ten decades of experience to offer you a range of gaming software solutions. In Cybergaming gaming products section and Cybergaming gaming services section you'll find a snapshot of our capabilities.

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Call us anyway. Chances are we've done it before. Starting your gaming business is going to be a fun experience with us. Guaranteed.